5 Essential key points That Will Help You Plan for Q1

With this year almost at an end and the next one at our doorstep it’s time to plan for Q1.

Q1 is traditionally the strongest quarter of business and hitting the ground running could set the tone for the rest of the year.

At Inverted Software we advise our customers to start planning as early as Q4 in order to maximize results and prepare for the upcoming year.

Here are 5 essential key points to guide you when planning for Q1:

Learn and overcome last year’s mistakes

Last year was not perfect, but, the good news is that now you are smarter, more experienced and have the data you need in order to overcome last year’s mistakes.

Here is the opportunity to understand what targets where missed and why.

There are many tools to help you analyze your traffic and sales and you can set forth the planning to make whatever corrections you need to.

Set a Roadmap for the upcoming year

Roadmaps keep you on track. Writing something that is agreed upon by all of your stakeholders and holding you and your team accountable to its completion is an invaluable technique.

Once the goals are clearly written down, you can revisit them every week and check things off the list if they have been done.

Create an action plan

When you have set your goals it’s time to create an action plan.

For each point in your roadmap add a timeline, resources and steps to execute. A roadmap without an action plan is just a dream.

Only with a well-managed execution your dreams can come a reality.

Select your vendors early

Vendors are an important factor of your business. I have said it before: if you don’t use any vendors, you are over staffed.

Selecting your vendors early will allow both you and them time to prepare, onboard new talent if necessary and draft their own action plans.

A well prepared vendor is a successful vendor.

Staff up to delegate

Ask yourself: is your business working for you or are you working for your business?

If the answer is the former, staff up to make sure all of your grunt work is done for you, whether it be using in house personal or an outsourced vendor, freeing you to do the important work of managing the business vision and scaling revenue upwords.


Planning for the 5 key points above will help you get the best out of yourself and your business.

Have a great year!

The Inverted Software Team

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