Is Google’s Service Workers the Future of Apps Updates?

If you are annoyed by the endless cycle of downloading, updating and deleting apps on your iPhone, iPad and your other devices there may be hope coming soon in the form of new technology from Google.

The new technology called Service Workers allows for rich offline experiences, periodic background syncs, push notifications and more – All normally require a native application—to run in your browser, essentially eliminating the need to download an app ever again!

Apps built with Service Workers, called Progressive Web Apps, do not require downloads.

All you have to do is point your browser at a website, and you’re in the app.

A service worker has a lifecycle that is completely separate from the web page and is installed after your first visit to the app.


Once installed, the Service Worker operates in the browser’s app scope to control and update the user experience.

According to Fortune Magazine, Apple, Microsoft and others have pledged support for this set of technologies and will begin incorporating Service Workers into their browsers, Safari and Edge.

Companies using Service Workers in their apps can go away with platform specific integration for app features that until now have been reserved for native code or plug-ins, and consolidate the cost of development into one platform.

Inverted Software had already began working with Google’s new technology and incorporating it into its clients apps.

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