5 SEO Tips to Help You Get More Traffic

Web traffic is the lifeline of every business.

Most businesses invest in paid traffic, but, forget to pay attention to organic traffic.

Investing in organic traffic might lower the cost of your marketing campaigns and is a great way of acquiring new customers in a consistent way over time.

Here are our top 5 SEO tips to help you get more traffic to your site:

Use Structured Data

Structured Data help search engines understand the nature of the page they are indexing.

Products, reviews, local businesses and more are all a part of its specs.

You can add Structured Data to your site in one of three ways: JSON-LD (JSON for Linking Data), Microdata and RDFa.

This is a sample JSON-LD code to mark a product.

The code above will create a 4.4 stars search result in Google:

Use a Sitemap

A SiteMap is an XML file listing all of your pages.

SiteMaps help Google effectively index all pages it cannot find during its usual crawl through your site.

Inverted Software’s Spreex will generate a SiteMap file for you to upload into your site.

You can download SPREEX for free here.

Don’t be afraid to add multiple sitemaps to your site.

The more content pages you have, the better chance you have of ranking higher in search results.

Large sites rank better then small sites.

Change Content Often

Blog posts and user comments are an excellent way of generating fresh content.

If you have testimonials on your site pages, you can use a rotator to change them on each page visit.

It’s even better if you add a news section to your site and mark the content as news using structured data.

Google loves news and might index your page at the top of the search results for hot topics.

Consolidate Everything Under One Subdomain

We at Inverted Software host our blog with WordPress.com while our main site is hosted in the cloud.

This creates significate SEO issues as both sites are indexed separately, depriving the main site the benefits of fresh blog content.

https://blog.invertedsoftware.com/ needs to be http://invertedsoftware.com/blog/ in order for Inverted Software to rank higher in search results.

Be Relevant

Bounce rate matter. When Google sends traffic your way, they expect a quality link.

If a visitor “bounces” off your page and returns to Google to look up the next search result, your link will eventually rank lower for that search term.

Put on original relevant content that your visitors like to see and your pages will eventually rank higher and keep visitors longer.


The basis of a high ranking is good quality content that changes often and is clearly structure marked.

This type of content tends to become social, adding the benefits of inbound links.

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