5 Toxic Things Software Consulting Companies Do

“I swear to god I will never outsource anything to anyone anymore!”

Sounds familiar?

At Inverted Software we often help our customers recover from bad outsourcing experiences and put them back on the track to success.

Part of the post mortem meeting we conduct with them focuses on analyzing the failure of their previous vendor.

Knowing what went wrong helps both us and our customers understand how to fix the process and move on.

The following list was compiled based on multiple customers’ feedback:

Time zone delays

Yes a company in Bangalore might be cheaper than a US based vendor, but, when you have a question or need to execute a decision at 3 in the afternoon, you might have to wait until 2 in the morning to get a response.

If you have local staff, this can get frustrating and expensive.

Not understanding answers

Anyone can misunderstand an answer.

That is why we repeat the question and the answer and make sure both us and the customer understand the actions that need to take place next.

Companies that do not make sure they understand answers can delay development, or even worst, take the wrong actions, causing further delays.

Developer turnover

Turnover is a red flag.

If a company has high developer turnover, it means they have a bad company culture.

This in turn can reflect on your project.

Poor quality, missed timelines and lack of communication are all a part of turnover stemming from company culture.

Not following your company’s process

Following your company process is the only way to effectively communicate with your staff.

Attending daily meetings or using your internal software to log progress insure transparency and allows for quicker corrections.

At Inverted Software we like to think of ourselves as a part of your organization.

In fact, we are often invited to company events!

Lack of central responsibly and blame shifting

If you hired a company that rents you developers by the hour, you might find yourself without a central responsibility entity.

Unless you manage the developers yourself, it is difficult to open communication channels between the developers and your local staff, or even between the developers themselves.

I have said it before but it’s worth repeating: Developers alone cannot deliver a product.


Learning from other’s experiences allows us to keep improving and provide the best service for our customers, maximizing their chances of success.

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