How To Hire a Software Consulting Company

Your company has a new software project in its road map, and your local staff is unavailable or lacks the skills needed to successfully deliver.

It’s time to outsource the work to a vendor.

Congratulations, there are many software consulting companies out there.

How can you choose the one that is best for you?

In the following article, I will try and answer the question above by asking six simple questions:

Are they listening to you?

Listening to a customer is the best way to understand the problem they are facing.

If the person across from you is truly listening to your problem, taking notes and repeating the issue to you to indicate they understood the problem, most likely they will be able to accurately follow the process to solve it.

Are they asking the right questions?

If your software consulting company is asking questions that “don’t make sense” or repeating questions you thought you answered in the past, chances are they either don’t understand the issue, having difficulties performing or simply lack the skills to deliver a solution.

Making sure the right questions are asked is crucial in order to implement the right answers and deliver the best results.

Will they go to the mat for you?

Companies that care about their customers will go above and beyond for you.

Companies that “dial it in” and do the minimum necessary will often produce mediocre results and will not keep the customer for long.

Let me tell you about such company:

I recently purchased a home warranty from an insurance company.

The salesman has promised the world and I was impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm.

A month later, when I needed to use the warranty, I called them and described my issue.

A handyman showed up, looked at the issue, refused to do the work because they needed to go on a ladder and left.

I then got a bill for a home visit.

When I called the company they simply quoted the policy saying that even if no work has been done, if a handyman comes to my house, I will be billed.

They would not budge.

Well I probably don’t have to tell you what happened next.

I cancelled the policy immediately and left a poor Yelp review.

A company that is great at making a sale, but, does not care about keeping their existing customers happy, is a company to avoid.

Will they own the responsibility for your project’s success?

At Inverted Software we try and participate in your company’s internal meetings and deadlines.

We adopt your company’s culture and feel the same sense of urgency you do.

We share the success of your project, because after all your success is our success.

Will they gracefully hand off the work?

As a project comes to a completion, the work must be handed off to a local team.

Providing an overlap period of training and support will insure your in house staff can maintain, or at least understand the system.

If a vendor needs to stay on a permanent basis for support, make sure your vendor offers such an option.

Do they have local management staff?

Yes it is cheaper to offshore, but, when a consulting company does not have local presents, it is hard to effectively communicate during work hours, not to mention to inforce any legal contracts.

Language and culture might also present an issue as well as time off and holidays that are not synchronized with the rest of your employees.

There is no substitute to a local point of contact.

Someone that will personally own the project.


The best software consulting company for you is not necessarily the biggest one, but, the one that will produce the best results for you.

The one that will listen and understand you and do its best to solve your problem and deliver the product you need.

Inverted Software is such a company.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

Phone: 818.262.8552

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