Looking for a Technical Co-Founder? Consider an Interim CTO Instead!

At Inverted Software we love entrepreneurs.

We work closely with many funded startups to create MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) or to enhance existing systems.

When raising a Seed or an A series round, founders are often asked very technical questions by their potential investors.

They are expected to be able to lead a development team in order to deploy a product to the marketplace.

Investors expect them to be technical or have a technical person on staff that will insure the product is developed on time, budget and will meet quality standards.

Many founders opt to add a technical co-founder to help oversee the vision of the founders.

Such technical co-founder has background in software development and is able to execute the roadmap.

Technical co-founders share a significate amount of equity and usually personally write a part of the product.

Technical co-founders are expected to be able to communicate effectively with investors, as well as “talk technical” with the investor’s technical advisors.

If you are a founder and are looking for an alternative to a technical co-founder, consider an Interim CTO from Inverted Software.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional interim CTO vs. a technical co-founder.

An interim CTO is constantly launching products

The average company launches a product every five years.

The average consultant launches a product every six months!

There is a significate advantage in experience.

A professional interim CTO is able to predict obstacles, find solutions that have worked in the past and speed up development to cut cost.

They are able to effectively follow requirements and consistently produce quality products.

The processes they put into place are based on real experience and have proven effective in other projects.

An interim CTO comes with a team in a box

When an interim CTO is starting a phase zero of a project, they usually already have a team in mind.

They work with a wide array of developers and know who is the most suited for the current team.

They can save time recruiting and onboarding talent by simply reaching out to developers they think will make a good match.

An interim CTO is technology agnostic

In many cases, a startup’s MVP is written in the technology the technical co-founder knows or likes best.

A professional CTO will evaluate the needs of the project and choose the best technology for the job.

They are technology agnostic and always make sure the direction of the company does not depend on high risk under matured frameworks, or technology that might pose a security risk.

A professional CTO will strive to incorporate time tested and cost saving technologies and frameworks.

An interim CTO knows how to communicate with your investors

Your investors need to feel confident in their decision to support your company.

They need to know that your team is technically sound and that you will be able to deliver your product.

A CTO with the level of experience Inverted Software provides will be able to instill confidence in your investors and the board.

The board often looks at the track record of your team and will favor a seasoned CTO over a technical co-founder with less management experience.

An interim CTO will help transition your company to permanent staff

When the time comes to transition from the team that has built your MVP to a permanent team, a CTO will be able to effectively interview and hire suitable staff.

They will be able to point to recruiters they trust and have worked with in the past and streamline the interview and onboarding process.

They will be able to minimize the growing pains of your organization.


While adding a technical co-founder to your team is a good idea for many founders, if you wish to retain more equity in your startup, consider the many benefits of an interim CTO.

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