You Are a Technology Company

At Inverted Software we have customers in various industries from banking to entertainment.

We always convey them the same message: Good software will not make you, but bad software can break you.

It doesn’t matter what you sell. If you use software to run or market your business, you need to start thinking of yourself in terms of a technology company, because, after all you are one.

So what do technology companies do?

What differentiates technology companies from non-technology companies?

Technology companies think about their software.

They budget for it and invest in maintaining and upgrading it.

They customize it and adjust it to their business needs.

Technology companies recognize the importance of software development as a part of their business’s operations.

Good software will not make you, but bad software can break you.

If you find that your daily operations, sales conversion or resources overhead are restricted or even suffering by the software you use, to fix it you might have to start viewing yourself as a technology company and think in terms of software development.

Plan to invest the resources you need to produce better software and systems.

Good software will reduce cost, increase customer satisfaction and help your business succeed.

At Inverted Software we write great software and will be happy to see how we can help you grow.

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