The US Technology 2015 Salary Report is Out. Developers Rejoice!

The US Technology 2015 salary report is out. Programmers rejoice!
Good news for technology workers: Average salaries in the U.S. increased by 7.7% to $96,370 annually, according to the annual salary survey by Dice, a careers site for tech professionals. Salaries in seven metro areas hit the six-figure mark for the first time since the survey started more than a decade ago.

The wage hikes paint a picture of an overall solid environment for technology professionals with 62 percent earning higher salaries in 2015. Almost half of workers received a salary increase within same company, with 38 percent receiving a merit increase and 10 percent receiving an internal promotion. The second most common reason for a rise in salary was a result of the professional changing employers (23%).

The top paying skills
The top five most paying jobs are all infrastructure and Big Data related:

  1. HANA (High Performance Analytical Appliance) $154,749
  2. Cassandra $147,811
  3. Cloudera $142,835
  4. PaaS (Platform as a Service) $140,894
  5. OpenStack $138,095


The top paying industries
Developers in the Bank/Financial/ Insurance industry were the top paid with an average of $106,913 with the Aerospace & Defense coming second at an average $106,050.
Third was the Entertainment Media industry with $105,418.


Top paying cities
Silicon Valley, New York and Los Angeles are the top paying cities with the top five all paying a six figure salary.


Rising salaries for tech professionals are putting the squeeze on employer budgets when it comes to new hiring, making it more important than ever for recruiters and HR professionals to find tech candidates with the right mix of skills and experience.

In order to retain employees, 17% of employers have increased employee compensation.


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