Is Cloud QA for you?

I was sitting in front of a customer that is the CTO in a company that makes an identity monitoring system. He was excited to show me a new feature they have just added to their application. He navigated to the new feature on their phone. A blank screen appeared. He immediately called his QA […]

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The CEO’s guide to the Cloud

At Inverted Software we help companies get to the cloud. We often analyze all of your systems and advice which one will be better suited to run on the Cloud and how we can help you get there. We find that often times, companies want to get to the cloud, but, don’t fully understand what […]

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Do you have an API?

If you are a content provider, you have probably been asked this question by your partners: Do you have an API? And what can I do with it?   APIs have become the norm in modern systems. The need to syndicate data to customers, vendors and different parts of your application have made APIs an […]

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